Reserve Telecommunications

A fresh website for a local legacy

Project Type Website
Period 2016-2017
Role UX Designer, UI Designer, Front-end Developer

RTC is a regional telecommunications company has served the River Parishes in Louisiana since 1935. RTC prides itself in having outstanding personal customer service and products at the cutting edge of technology.

Even though they are a small company relative to the larger, national telecom brands, their product offerings are just as good—if not better. They needed a complete brand and website overhaul to convey just how reputable they were and to be competitive in the market.

Their website is their main source of marketing and advertising services, so it not only had to educate the public on why they should choose RTC over a larger company, but it also had to incorporate interactive functionality that tech-savvy customers have come to expect from a modern telecommunications brand.

Reserve Telecommunications Wireframe & Styletile

Out with the old, in with the new

RTC’s previous logo had become “frankensteined” over the years by the addition of icons to depict new service offerings as they came over time. It was time for a redesign that would debut RTC as a modern, bold force in the market.

As the Envoc team worked on the new logo, I began the process of expanding the brand into their new website with bright colors, simple icons, and bold typography. To complete the project, I directed an associate designer and worked with a content strategist to come up with simple and clever copy that played on Louisiana’s unique culture.

Reserve Telecommunication Wireframes

High-tech functionality for a high-tech company

Aside from building out a standard Content Management System (using Craft CMS), additional functionality was developed to enhance the website’s features. RTC services both residential and business customers, so the website had to be two in one via a tabbed partition in the site’s header. Not only that, but pricing differed depending on the region, so I developed a way to change the pricing display based on the user’s zip code. As our engagement went on, I also added functionality to easily create landing pages for ongoing SEO campaigns in collaboration with Envoc’s SEO specialist.

Reserve Telecommunications Responsive Design

Custom photography helps tell the story

Content is the most important part of any website, and that includes imagery.

I wanted to avoid using cheesy, canned stock photos, so I served as the Art Director on a photoshoot at RTC’s headquarters to feature it’s employees and put a personable touch to the website’s design. Nothing compares to custom imagery that showcases a company’s unique personality and the people who make it great.

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Reserve Telecommunications
RTC Employees
RTC Employee
Lynsey is a very unique and innovative artist. She is able to take our ideas and help make them a visual reality.

Katie Klibert, Marketing & Public Relations Manager, RTC